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Andrew King Chocolates Platinum Winner
Andrew King Chocolates Gold Winner

Our Miniature Collection ~ £5.50 per box

      Papillon Gin Selection                                                Dartmoor Ale Selection




      Lime and Lemon Grass                     Hazelnut & White Chocolate Ganache                              Legend Ale with a White & Milk                       Jail Ale with a Milk Chocolate

    & Papillon Gin Ganache (3,4)                 Finished with Carabus Gin (2,3,4)                                          Chocolate Ganache (3,4,5)                                 Caramel  Ganache (3,4,5)

                Each Box Contains two each of the Papillon Gin Flavours                                                               Each Box Contains two each of the Dartmoor Ale Flavours

 Two Drifters Rum Selection                                    Summer Berry Selection

  Two Drifters Spiced Rum & Raisin     Powderham Castle Lime Honey with                                                                                Coming Soon....

                    Ganache  (3,4)                     Two Drifters Spiced Pineapple Rum (3,4)


  Devon Sea Salted Caramel & Two         Two Drifters White Rum, White

  Drifters Dark Rum Ganache (3,4)          Chocolate & Vanilla Ganache (3,4)




Allergy Advice ~

For allergies, please see chocolate descriptions numbered as follows (1) - Nuts  (2) - Hazelnut (3) - Milk  (4) - Sulphites & Alcohol

(5) - Gluten. Our ingredients are sourced from establishments which may contain traces of Gluten, Sesame Seeds, nuts & Peanuts.

Our Speciality Chocolates are Gluten Free apart from our Dartmoor Ale Selection.  All chocolates contain

Preservative E420, Coloured Chocolates contain E171 & E172.


AK Chocolates Caramel Ganache
AK Chocolates Lemon & Yuzu
passion fruit.jpeg
AK Chocolates Raisin Ganache
AK Chocolates Powderham Castle Lime Honey
AK Chocolates White Chocolate Ganache

 Contact ~

Andrew King Chocolates

47 Strawberry Fields

North Tawton



EX20 2GX.


Instagram Andrewkingchocolates784

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